Building Controls

Our engineers and programmers know our products inside and out, and we understand how each change effects equipment the system as a whole. Learn More

Systems Integration

One of the challenges of working with a building system is that there are so many controls products out there and they don't always talk to each other. Learn More

Lighting Controls and Retrofits

A major portion of any facility's operating budget is electrical cost and a large part of that cost is lighting. Learn More

Thermal Imaging

A major portion of any facility's operating budget is electrical cost and a large part of that cost is lighting. In partnership with WattStopper, Delta Building Technologies can design a lighting control system that can operate stand-alone or integrate into a total building automation system. Learn More

Web-Based User Interface

Our controls group can create a rich graphical web portal for your building controls system. Using this interface, you can manage entire campuses of buildings, and all the equipment in each one. Learn More

Full-Scope Controls Projects and MaintenanceBetter buildings means loyal customers

Controls Projects and Retrofits

Delta Building Technologies provides a full suite of controls services, including building automation, system integration, lighting controls, energy efficiency analysis, etc.  We have in-house capability to design and install the largest multi-million dollar installations but also perform many smaller projects for clients to simply update or upgrade their facilities.

We offer customized solutions that will benefit your budget and operating performance. Often at no up-front commitment, we can assess and propose improvements that will pay for themselves. We will combine any of our products and services to meet the needs that serve your organization best.

Service Agreements

We also provide full scope service agreements to make our clients’ lives easier.  Our service department is designed as an extension of clients’ business operations.  These regular service agreements provide an often un-recognized benefit to the bottom line just by making buildings more comfortable, efficient and safe for building inhabitants.

You may be unaware of the amount of energy and money that can be wasted if your HVAC or lighting system is not working correctly or the amount of risk you bear if your system is not working correctly.  Continuous maintenance and monitoring can pay for itself when it is done intelligently.  We will listen to your needs and fit you with the services that suit your business and facility.

Some benefits of our professional service agreements include:

  • Less downtime because equipment is serviced before it breaks
  • Saves money and energy because the system is adjusted as building uses change
  • Safety is maintained because devices are kept in good working condition
  • Consistent technical support because we stay consistent even as your staff changes

For service agreement customers we can also offer discounts for multi-year commitments, flexible payment schedules, and access to our backup database.

The following is a list of services that are offered in our annual service contracts. If you have any questions about services, please call us or use the contact form to request a visit from a Service Sales Representative.

System Services include:

  • Emergency Response Service
  • Priority Attention
  • System Alarm Response
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • Scheduled Maintenance Visits
  • Hardware Repair Labor
  • Program Repair Labor
  • Extended Material Warranty
  • Spare Parts
  • Quick Help Telephone Support
  • Software Protection
  • Software and Firmware Upgrades
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