Building Controls

Our engineers and programmers know our products inside and out, and we understand how each change effects equipment the system as a whole. Learn More

Systems Integration

One of the challenges of working with a building system is that there are so many controls products out there and they don't always talk to each other. Learn More

Lighting Controls and Retrofits

A major portion of any facility's operating budget is electrical cost and a large part of that cost is lighting. Learn More

Thermal Imaging

A major portion of any facility's operating budget is electrical cost and a large part of that cost is lighting. In partnership with WattStopper, Delta Building Technologies can design a lighting control system that can operate stand-alone or integrate into a total building automation system. Learn More

Web-Based User Interface

Our controls group can create a rich graphical web portal for your building controls system. Using this interface, you can manage entire campuses of buildings, and all the equipment in each one. Learn More

Energy Analysis and ESSComplete energy efficiency solutions for your building controls

With an on-staff Certified Energy Engineer (CEM) Delta Building Technologies can analyze our customers’ energy usage and requirements, identify the equipment and processes that consume the most amount of energy and then provide cost-effective solutions to reduce that energy consumption. With our Energy Sustainability Services program, we focus on the no-cost/low-cost measures first that will gain the greatest amount of energy savings with very little investment. This allows our customers to reap the benefits of energy savings to assist with some of the solutions that may have a higher up-front implement cost.

We are a full service partner for our clients as they focus on reducing energy consumption.  We can help our clients by developing load shedding plans, sophisticated system start-up procedures to minimize peak loads, full equipment and system retrofits for more energy efficient designs, etc.  To do this, we will use a combination of things, including ENERGY STAR® ratings, energy audits, utility bill analysis, and other methods to fully understand our clients' facilities to provide the best recommendations.

LEED Consulting

Delta Building Technologies can also provide LEED consulting for those clients who are pursuing LEED certification.  There are many ways our engineers can help our clients obtain a number of points toward their certification goals.  Lowering energy consumption is one of the most effective ways to get points toward a LEED certification, and building controls is a major contributor toward this.  Talk to us about your goals and we will provide support to help you achieve them.

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